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All right because next thing you know the crock rose out of the water and lunge to take a chunk right out of right perhaps that’s just how Croce say hello Mann K is the big fella missed so ride is still in one piece and can go right back to her angling.

Them Croce he later posted a video of the  on his Facebook page where has got more than , views Planet X is coming from the freaking Hills you know everyone’s going bananas for the great American Eclipse well they should. 


The internet says we’ll all be dead after edge ah planet x aka Bilirubin is gonna smash earth in September as the theory put forward by conspiracy theorists David Mead Mead predicts.

That when you’re done chilling with the Eclipse don’t forget your special eye wear now earth will be slammed by Planet X but why can’t we see the super-sized star Mr. Mead says that’s because it’s approaching the Earth from an awkward angle Oh.

Who’s a shy awkward little bringer of destruction you are Planet X yes yes you are meed says the only way you can see.

it now is if you’re flying at high altitude over South America oh and with an excellent camera Mr. Meade’s sights science and the Bible to back up his planet exclaims but we’re citing the Satanist lizard people at NASA.

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