way we Bought Dentemax Insurance ?

 Dentemax  disability although it’s a boring topic it’s where we hang our hat and what we talk about daily  Dentemax  well that’s it that’s important to know you guys we put a great pull up in nachos that we can tag some people in about.



when you get disability short tonight so you you didn’t know you’d be working with my people but now you’re working with the dentist or an interesting people you know we’re good people but

we ask a lot of questions we’re never totally sure and we’re always worried someone’s trying to take advantage of us so I appreciate you guys coming on to sort of share behind the curtain of

what you guys do Jim tell us a little bit about your daily day-to-day so I we work a lot with the students at different schools I live in Portland Maine so I spend a lot of time at you any dental school it’s

a newer  school and the scheme of things so we’re just doing a lot of working developing relationships really this one is all about trust relationships and I love that and that’s my whole thing connecting communication dental .

Grew to this you know , member Facebook group I thought it was going to be a couple hundred people but even in the olden day when I was the age of dr. on my associate affair tag on if you can cuss.

that’s we got connected there was no Facebook you just had to go out and put your face out there and I was running study clubs and you know bringing people together develop relationships is.

important and that’s how I got to meet you guys through my awesome associate from Maine so dental schools is where you guys are mainly connecting with the your clients yeah that’s where we have a lot of our new people we do a lot