About Us

Nature & Spirit was born to lead renew the relationship to Nature. Everything a propos this planet is inter-united. We are a portion of birds, and nature is a part of us. When we let ourselves to become familiar of that association, we can make obtain of bank account, and vigor flows in continuous & miraculous ways.

In Nature, all goes through a epoch of birth, bump, and a precise recompense to the Earth. This website was birthed a few years ago, a nudging that came from deep within my heart, to document our local flora and fauna happenings in words and pictures, and to introduce people to natural methods of healing and fascination attention to narrowing. It has grown into something pretty that I’ve treasured and loved sharing.

My heart has been nudging me again, to endorse on the neighboring step & make something more global. Something inspired not lonesome by flora and fauna, but the penetration of Indigenous People. I’ve had the extreme privilege of training in Plant Medicine forward David Winston, who is Cherokee. I’ve furthermore been lucky to attend a retreat bearing in mind the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, and their insight has inspired me to change ahead.

Soon it will be time for Nature & Spirit to be allowed to get off as the as soon as-door-door generation is born. Nature & Spirit has become the fertile sports showground for the involve ahead of Enjoy your journey here, where you can locate info about speaking what’s happening in nature in the Newark, DE place, articles around wellness and prominence narrowing, local nature photos, class and matter info, and cronies to outdoor groups and late accretion local little businesses.

Nature’s Keep

Nature’s Keep was shown to me in a deep meditation as I wandered the forest one hours of daylight a couple years ago. It’s a put it on-in-press on that will contain some of the elements that are here, but oh-hence-much-more is bodily birthed. I am so grateful for the opportunity to allocation not single-handedly my own knowledge and experiences, but some of the shrewdness of Indigenous People who have cradled our planet and kept period within the rhythm of energy for thousands of years.